Tennant Company

Europe Service Guide

Tennant Company’s European Service department needed a guide for customers to help them choose from new service offerings. The service team wanted the guide to create some buzz around these new offerings. However, the content was not the most exciting with all the charts, tables and text. I decided to create some graphically interesting visuals instead of plain charts and tables, added pops of color, and broke up the monotony of a text heavy document for easier digestion of all the information. I also created some quick logos to help visually differentiate the various plans, which were used throughout the document. This was a quick turnaround project that was completed in less than a week!


Wow! What you have done with the guide is amazing. It looks really clear, attractive and professional. I am convinced that we are going to excite the Tennant crowd and hopefully also our customers. Thank you for putting all your creativity in this product.