Tennant Company

ISSA Tradeshow

The ISSA Tradeshow is Tennant Company’s largest tradeshow of the year. In the past, they had used external agencies for all the advertising and booth graphics. This year, I presented concepts and beat out two other agencies for the design. Tennant wanted to be more customer focused, as usually there is a lot of emphasis on machines and features. The “Driven by You” theme placed more importance on the customer’s needs and how everything Tennant does is driven by providingĀ solutions. I designed all the graphic panels, interior and exterior conference room graphics, signage for the indoor and outdoor space, print and web advertisements, and an email and landing page with booth layout. Tennant was able to partner with a flooring company, so I also had the opportunity to design floor graphics to coordinate with the booth.

We ended up saving over $50,000 in agency costs, and the design was extremely well received. Leads were up from the year before by almost 23%, there were 33 meetingsĀ held with Distributors and Strategic Accounts in the conference room area, and they ended up selling all the floor machines to a local distributor, which saved $7k in shipping back machines.


Outdoor Space & Semi Trailer Design

Also new for Tennant’s booth was an outdoor area for larger equipment. Since they already needed a way to get the equipment there, we decided to create a brand new design for the semi trailer that would haul the machines to the show! And, there was enough space in the outdoor area to keep the trailer right there. We were up against some tight budget constraints, which ended up crunching our timeline. The entire design was created, approved, and prepped for print in one week!

The trailer was a great way to attract attention to the outdoor booth, but we needed a way to keep them there. I created some stand-up signage to place right next to the machines for people to browse. They also ended up being great conversation starters for the sales team.

i-mop XL_Hard Floor Stations
Hard Floor_T350 Stations
T350 Station
Aftermarket_Soft Floor Stations
Aftermarket_Soft Floor_i-mopXL Stations
Hard Floor_Aftermarket Stations
Nicki, your creative leadership and execution of our first ever in-house booth theme and graphics was outstanding and saved us a significant amount! You were able to bring our value proposition to life and transformed our brand message in a clear and visually stunning booth design that differentiated us from the competition this year. This helped the Tennant team to actively engage with attendees and provided an environment within which they could interact with our products. You are a valuable member of our marketing communications team and an asset to the organization! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for all your hard work!


Nicki – Thank you for creating a theme for ISSA that was dynamic, engaging and customer-centric. This is the first year it has been handled internally and not only did you do an excellent job, you saved us over $50k in outside agency costs which is HUGE for our budget. Thank you for your innovation and creativity.