Tennant Company

Strategic Account Infographics

A large part of Tennant’s business came from their partnerships with Strategic Accounts. They would have annual contract meetings with these accounts and needed a way to prove Tennant’s value, as well as stand out from the competition. Instead of simply providing a boring report of results for the year, we crafted these infographic “placemats” to put on the table in front of each key stakeholder. It was a visually interesting way to highlight the main take aways ¬†and keep Tennant top-of-mind when accounts were in the process of shopping around. So far, these have helped Tennant keep all of their Strategic Accounts after these annual meetings.


Nicki – Thank you for delivering “A ” work as always on the Home Depot “placemat”. How you can take a complex spreadsheet with numbers and bring it to life always amazes our sales team and me – the hard part is controlling the demand as everyone now wants one! I also really appreciate your positive attitude towards doing what it takes to get a project done given the needs of the business – allowing us to never miss a beat with our customers! Thanks!