Tennant Company

Brand Guide

Tennant Company had some existing brand guides, but they were incomplete and did not cover all their brands. I researched and compiled the existing guides, and met with marketing directors and managers to determine and fill gaps to create a comprehensive guide. We also included a section for vendors, as we utilized different companies for photography, video, and occasionally overflow design work. Sections included logo specifications, fonts, color palettes, brand messaging, image guidelines, how to use graphic elements, tradeshow and premium item applications, web/email/landing page specifications, as well as trademarks and copyrights.


It's best to use best practices

Tennant had recently started using a new Marketing Automation Platform, using Click Dimensions for email and landing page creation. Since our current email templates didn’t work with our new platform, I partnered with The Pedowitz Group, a marketing consulting firm specializing in marketing automation, to learn email and landing page best practices. Armed with their research and guidelines, I developed email templates to work within ClickDimesions. With these new templates, Tennant experienced significantly higher click rates, with one in particular having an click rate of over 6x the industry average!